Once Upon a Time it was February the 26th, and National Tell a Fairytale day. What were once embellished histories, myths and legends retold around the world or made up  stories told by travelers, have been written down and become known as Fairy Tales. Usually in the form of short stories with fairies, elves, trolls, princesses, and witches as central characters, they are set in a magical world with events that usually end in a Happily Ever After.

In the office we have a mixture of favourites with some preferring the more traditional balls and ballgown versions of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Some of the old German tales were very popular too such as Snow-White and Rose-Red where we found the beautiful German opening “In the old times when wishing was still effective.”

Hans Christian Anderson’s name came up frequently, of course with the clever “Emperor’s New Clothes” tale and those less told stories, like The Ice Maiden that were studied in English. And then of course the Brother’s Grim with their disgusting details such as Cinderella’s sisters chopping up their feet so they fit into the tiny glass slipper.

Fairy tales with very similar plots, characters, and values and lessons are found spread across many different cultures. Many researchers hold this to be caused by the spread of such tales, as people repeat tales they have heard in foreign lands, each one changing a little as they are told.

We picked a selection off our site of all the different sorts of Fairytales for all ages.

ft1A Fairytale for Grown Ups

JD Atkin

There’s something very odd about Meris. The fish in the glass canals know it. The scientists who created her know it. And the hordes of atheist extremists who want her dead know it. Lost in the shell of a once great cathedral of science, Meris finds herself thrust into the final days of a decades long war. The powers of science and reason are failing, violence and madness are encroaching and deep in the watery depths something dark and horrible is about to be awoken. Join Meris as she fights for her freedom and searches for bees while encountering warrior fish, murderous hooligans and several well meaning robots. It ll be a miracle if she makes it out alive…

Live It Publishing Limited / Britain’s Next Bestseller

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Historical Interactions between Humans and Wft2olves

Patrick Masius and Jana Sprenger (eds)

International in range and chronological in organisation, this volume aims to grasp the main currents of thought about interactions with the wolf in modern history. It focuses on perceptions, interactions and dependencies, and includes cultural and social analyses as well as biological aspects. Wolves have been feared and admired, hunted and cared for. At the same historical moment, different cultural and social groups have upheld widely diverging ideas about the wolf. Fundamental dichotomies in modern history, between nature and culture, wilderness and civilization and danger and security
, have been portrayed in terms of wolf–human relationships.

The White Horse Press

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Alan Peat

50 Ways To Retell A Story: Cinderella does exactly what it says on the cover – retells the favourite Fairytale Cinderella – in fifty brand new ways! As a haiku, a recipe, a text message, a story written in ‘pig Latin,’ a diary entry, a ghost story and forty-four other innov
ative ways.The language play involved will interest any avid reader, but the book has, predominantly, been written with the Primary and Secondary school classroom in mind.

Creative Education Press

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Haunted by his past, Nicholas St. Germain, Crown Prince of Santadorra, has a penchant for rescuing anyone in distress—damsels as well as hapless canines. He has vowed to avoid heroism of any kind, but then Lady Lucy Charming barrels into his life, trailing trouble in her wake. Daughter of a Duke, Lady Lucy’s life is anything but charming. Forced into drudgery by her stepmother after the Duke’s death, Lady Lucy endures her lot while plotting rebellion. She foregoes the usual balls and Society’s marriage mart, leaving those pursuits to her desperate stepsisters. Instead, Lucy continues the cland
estine and often dangerous work of her late father.

BelleBooks / Bell Bridge Books

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This new twist on Hans Christen Andersen’s The Princess and the Pea is surely to be loved by all fairy tale enthusiasts. The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale adds to much-needed age-appropriate literature for girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Both fun and educatio
n are cleverly weaved in this magical tale, teaching children to be comfortable in their own skin and to respect the differences of others.

LH Press / Loving Healing Press

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A Modern Fairy Tale for All Ages

Victor Edward Apps

In this book, teen activist Pet Peasant has no time for administrative red tape. All she wants is an audience with the high regent. Without changes in the law, her village will suffer. With her best friends, Pet sets off on a journey to the centre of power. But events spiral out of control quickly. Terrifying monsters hunt her. Why? Is there something special about her?

Proverse Publishing

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