The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization. The World Health Assembly decided on the seventh of April each year they would organize international events related to a particular theme. In the past the themes have varied from safe blood to road safety. This year focuses on depression which will help reduce the stigma associated with the illness, and lead to more people seeking help.

Here is a selection of titles on the subject.

How to Find Your Way

Sylvia Loehken

Dealing with one‘s own personality helps us to make our lives more meaningful and suitable for us. Inthealth1rovert, extrovert – you probably already know these terms. But to be honest: Do you know what it exactly is that distinguishes “intros” from “extros”? And do you know what the differences mean for us and dealing with one another? This book provides answers to these questions. You will find in this book all the important characteristics that make us intro, extro, or centro. Here, each chapter ends with six statements that you can rate right after reading. Along the way you will also learn some additional aspects:


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Beat Depression Fast

10 Steps to a Happier Youhealth2

Alexandra Massey

A sufferer’s guide to overcoming depression and feeling better from Day 1 using powerful techniques including Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and CBT.

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Thehealth3 Day My Brain Slipped Out My Head and onto the Kitchen Floor

Melanie Burnell

What leads a vibrant, ambitious young mother to swallow over forty prescription pills in the desperate hope she falls into a deep sleep and never wakes up? What could be so horrifying that she has come to the conclusion that this is the only way to end the relentless turmoil and unimaginable despair she has been suffering? Were it not for some kind of divine intervention – or just pure luck, she would have died and this book would never have been written.

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How to use traumatic events in your life to live your true purpose

Diana Barden


How to Live the Life of True Success You Were Destined to Live After Your Trauma. Few people reach adulthood without experiencing a traumatic life event – serious illness, redundancy, divorce or bereavement, for example. In any trauma there comes a time, after the support, therapy or the mourning has passed, when we confer meaning on our trauma, consciously or subconsciously.

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Cohen, Michael

health5Are you your own worst enemy? Does fear stop you from being the person you want to be? Do you always think you can’t – whether it is passing an exam, finding a new job, maintaining a healthy weight or tackling any of the problems life puts your way?

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