Although it’s currently Sunny here in London, the Easter break coming up is making us want to plan a trip away. If you’re feeling the same, we have picked some of our top travel titles and guides to take you faraway.

From the Alps to the Adriatic: Hiking through Austria, Stravel2lovenia & Italy

This is the first English-language guide to the epic new 750-km hiking route through the mountains of Austria, Slovenia and Italy, from the foot of the Grossglockner (at 3,798m, the highest peak in Austria and the Eastern Alps) to Muggia near Trieste on the Adriatic coast. Detailed maps and route descriptions for all 43 stages of the route are included, with a clear breakdown of time, distance and ascent for each stage. Published in a small, handy-sized format which is easy to pack and carry, it is written by an expert who has authored over half a dozen hiking guides and who specialises in Eastern and Central Europe. He has been a regular visitor to the borderlands of Slovenia, Austria and Italy for over 15 years, as well as living for two years in neighbouring Croatia.

Bradt Travel Guides

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Bradt’s Ghana is the only dedicated guidebook on the market and the most comtravel3prehensive source of travel information on the country, written by Philip Briggs, the leading writer of guidebooks to Africa. Catering for all types of visitors, from bar-hoppers to birdwatchers, and covering everything from Ghana’s 550km of Atlantic coastline to its remote and sparsely populated northern border, Bradt’s Ghana is the most detailed resource for those who want to explore the country’s wealth of tropical beaches, national parks, forest reserves, cultural sites and scenic waterfalls. It also includes more than 60 maps and is accompanied by a dedicated updated website run by the author himself.

Bradt Travel Guides

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Bradt’s travel guides have a reputation as a pioneering publisher for tackling ‘unusual’ destinations and for championing the causes of sustainable travel. The colourful guides all work as part of a set for an entertaining and useful read all over the world. 

See all their titles HERE. 


trav2Affectionate city guide with 500 must-know addresses in Paris, selected by a local. Filled only with independent advice, based on thorough research, and perfect for tourists who want to avoid the usual hotspots and for locals who want to know their city even better. Includes maps and an index.


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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Havana

Affectionate city guide with 500 must-know addresses in Havana, selected by a local. Filled only with independent advice, based on thorough research, and perfect for tourists who want to avoid the usual hotspots and for locals who want to know their city


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There are many 500 Hidden Secrets titles available, all written by locals and you can find them HERE. 


Just Do It

Dee Maldon

Do you want to travel, but your friends or family don’t? So why wait? Travelling alone is betttravel1er than never travelling at all. In the Solo Travel Guide: Just do it we give you suggestions on how to plan, how to cope when you are at your destination alone, how to stay safe and even some suggestions on where to go – good destinations for the solo traveller, places with wonderful things to see but where you will not stand out from the crowd. We also offer inspiration – snippets from those women who set off centuries ago without a guide book, a mobile phone and very little advice.

Bookline & Thinker

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Adventures of Bella & Harrybella

Lisa Manzione & Kristine Lucco

And lastly one for the kids. Join sibling Chihuahuas Bella and Harry as they travel to Athens with their family and go to the Acropolis, the Plaka, Crete and learn about the origin of the Olympics. Along the way, local cuisine (such as spanakopita) is sampled and some basic Greek phrases are introduced to the inquisitive youngster.

Bella & Harry, LLC

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