Canada day is, not surprisingly, the national day of Canada. Originally called Dominion Day (Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed and is celebrated every year on the first of July. Our Canadian in the office, Brittany, will be back home in Canada celebrating on a boat watching fireworks. And we’ll be here in the office. But we do have some great Publishers from Canada on the platform, all with rights to sell. Here are our top titles.

Caretakers – Book One

Harry Kalensky (author), David Longworth (author), Allan Stanleigh (author), 


Chloe Dalquist (artist)


Four teenaged kids search for their younger sister an old haunted house containing three frustrated ghosts (former Hollywood legends), two inept criminals named Miles and Davis.

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Making your Dreams your Destiny 

A Woman’s Guide To Awakening Your Passions and Fulfilling Youb6r Purpose

Judy Rushfeldt

Castle Quay

Many people are haunted by a persistent inner nagging that they have merely scratched the surface of their potential. Having succumbed to fear, self-doubt, or negative social attitudes such as mediocrity, they have repressed the deepest passion and dreams of their hearts.For women who think life has passed them by but still have seeds of longing for a greater purpose, Making Your Dreams Your Destiny is a book that shows women of any age how to unveil those passions and translate dreams into reality. A practical guide on how women can tap into their passions, ignite their vision, conquer their fears, and embrace their unique God-given purpose.

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When Quitting is not an Option 

My Road to Cycling, a Guinness World Record, and Making a Difference

Arvid Loewen

When Arvid Loewen set out on a 40km bike ride only to give up after 30 kms, his future as a cyclist seemed bleak. Yet, 14 years later Arvid was racing alongside the world’s most elite ultra-marathon athletes. This is a story of failure, courage, disappointment, triumph and laughter- and a few lessons along the way. Arvid’s story inspires others to discover what’s possible when quitting is not an option.

Rights on request


Mirror Lake

Andrée A. Michaud

b2Québec Amérique

On the day that he landed at Mirror Lake, Robert Moreau could never have suspected that the forces of destiny were conspiring to transform his dream into a nightmare and shatter his last illusions of ever finding a quiet haven on this overpopulated planet. . .

World Rights Available



Wild Cats, around the globe with Suki & Finch

Volume 1b1

Rebecca Merry Murdock, Isabel Iglesias

Bark and Howl

3D Suki and Finch travel the globe investigating the welfare of all 36 species of wild cats. They start in Canada, go over the North Pole into Russia (Volume 1). Then they’re off to Mongolia, China and Nepal. Chased by drones, the evil K-POG forest developer is after them in a high octane adventure from one continent to another. Eight volumes in all, WILD CATS, uses 3D characters inside hi-resolution jpegs. Optionally displayed in eBook format, the pictorial series – print book – is a fun way to introduce real life global issues to middle graders. (age 9 – 12).

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a Tinker Fair story

Rob Justus

Ab3nother Chapter Publishing

Darren loves to tinker – but tinkering is a messy business! So, when Darren’s mom wants him to clean his room, he does what any child would do … he builds a Cleano-Bot to clean for him! What could go wrong?

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