Our General Manager Jane Tappuni was in Helsinki last week for ‘Literature Export Now’ hosted by FILI, the Finnish Literature Exchange. Top speakers at the event organised by FILI, AGMA and Tekes, included Jane, and Urpu Strellman from the Helsinki Literary Agency on the subject of “how can we make Finnish literature go global.” Here are five highlights from the event:

  1. FILI hosted an event of 70 publishers interested in rights or becoming an agent. There are very few agents in Finland,  about five all in all and the potential to grow is huge. The fact they were able to bring 70 interested parties was astounding. To put it into perspective, they sell on average 300-400 translations per year. The Finish Rights Industry is nascent and FILI is working hard to help the publishers think more globally.
  2. The appetite for IPR and using digital tools is strong as many publishers at the event don’t have rights departments. After giving an overview of the platform and its tools, it was clear there was a lot of interest.
  3. The audience engagement was excellent as not a single soul was looking at their phones! And they asked a lot of great questions. It really felt like the Finnish Publishers were keen to learn more about how the UK sells rights and how they can sell more.
  4. FILI work closely with the Swedes and would like to develop their market to be more like the Swedish one. They would prefer more agents, more revenue, to be less inward-looking and to achieve more sales.
  5. The Finnish have an amazing sense of style and humour. They really should export their IP more and the world will welcome them! IPR looks forward to representing more Finnish Books in the future.

You can find titles from FILI on the IPR platform.

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