Darton, Longman and Todd is an internationally-respected publisher of brave, ground-breaking, independent books and eBooks on matters of the heart, mind and soul that meet the needs and interests of ordinary people.  Will Parkes is Marketing Manager, and he also handles eBooks, audio books, rights and permissions.  We met up with Will to find out what a day in his life is actually like!

What time do you usually wake up?

6AM with the cat!

IPR License Will Parkes photoWhere did you spend your day? Do you have to travel?

At work in Wandsworth, slightly run down offices with 90s air con (loud in summer!). Travel in from East Croydon every day – walk, run, tram, train in no particular order.

What’s the first thing you do when you start work?

Check daily sales! We closely watch where our books are selling to work out how successful or otherwise sales/marketing/PR has been and areas to improve.

Who do you see at work? Who do you deal with daily?

We’re a team of 6. Most of spend time in the office but days working from home are fairly frequent.

What makes you procrastinate the most?

Chats with our Production Director about football! (A worthwhile wastage of time, mind you!)

What is the best part of your day?

Every month we have publishing meetings where our commissioning editor brings new projects to the table for us to discuss – always an enjoyable part of the day as/when these days roll around.

What do you hope to accomplish in the day?

The list: I keep a regular list of tasks on a multitude of post it notes which I tick off/bin then refresh each day.

What’s your favourite thing that’s ever happened at work?

It’s nearly always gratifying seeing new books arrive in their physical form. And it’s exciting when we see our authors on the TV, hear them on the radio – or indeed to read good reviews of their books in the press.

Any surprises today?

No instant coffee in the kitchen!

What are your favourite books, both in and out of work?

In work: we are proud to be the UK publisher for Templeton Prize winning author, Jean Vanier. A remarkable man by any estimation.


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