Calling all rights buyers!  Looking to buy fiction?  At IPR we have put our heads together and identified our top fiction titles for the summer.  All these books have rights available to buy and have been released by top publishing houses around the world – from China, Germany, and the UK.

So, whether you are looking to buy thrillers or fantasy, literary novels or even historical fiction, check out the list below!
A Vision of Battlements

A Vision of Battlements by Anthony Burgess

Andrew Biswell, Paul Wake

Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9781526122032
Sept 2017 | 256 pages
Orig Lang: English
Worldwide rights available

A Vision of Battlements is the first novel by the writer and composer Anthony Burgess, who was born in Manchester in 1917. Set in Gibraltar during the Second World War, the book follows the fortunes of Richard Ennis, an army sergeant and incipient composer who dreams of composing great music and building a new cultural world after the end of the war.  This new edition includes an introduction and notes by Andrew Biswell, author of a prize-winning biography of Anthony Burgess.


China South Booky Culture Media Co., Ltd
ISBN: 9787540476502
Aug 2016 | 342 pages
Orig Lang: Simplified Chinese
Rights sold in Italy, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia

The four nations — Water, Wind, Earth and Fire jointly build up a fantasy world — Odin Continent. In this world dominated by mysterious sorcery, the Top 7 sorcerers are known as “Lords”, who represent the peak of the whole nation’s strength.


Hear MeHear Me
By Julia North

Bookline & Thinker
ISBN: 9780995623538
April 2017 | 252 pages
Orig Lang: English
Worldwide rights available.

After yet another shameful one-night stand Lissa has to accept that her sisters are right – she is an alcoholic and it’s time for rehab. She hates the idea of therapy, doesn’t want to examine her past, but just as she begins to see reasons for her drinking, life takes a brutal turn. Who are her fellow patients? Why is one of them so damned perfect?


La fille du PasteurLa Fille du pasteur Cullen (Tome 1)
By Sonia Marmen

Québec Amérique
ISBN: 9782764407271
Oct 2009 | 624 pages
Orig Lang: French
Rights sold in France

Edinburgh, 1800-1815. Hoping to find a husband for her daughter Dana, Pastor Cullen’s widow sends the timid and reserved young woman to live with her sister in Edinburgh. Endowed with a lively imagination, Dana bears the scars of an illness contracted in childhood and a walleyed look, physical traits that have fuelled nasty remarks from unkind people more than once.


By Mo Marlitt

Verlag Herder GmbH
ISBN: 9783451069390
Aug 2017 | 128 pages
Orig Lang: German
Worldwide rights available

Anne does not really know what to do with her life. Her life is empty of meaning and joy. She simply functions. She feels trapped. Talking with a friend it becomes clear to her that she needs to break open a door. She sets out to rid herself of what is holding her back.


By Guo Jingming

LORD The Ocean of ImmortalityChina South Booky Culture Media Co., Ltd
ISBN: 9787540476755
Aug 2016 | 360 pages
Orig Lang: Simplified Chinese
Rights sold in Vietnam and Thailand

Under the guidance of 7th Lord Silver Dust, Qi Ling gradually gets to know this fantastic, magnificent world of sorcery. However, he accidentally breaks into the soul graveyard alone and the Utul Ruins, Aslan’s forbidden area.


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