Are you a publisher looking to buy business books? We have 6 fantastic business titles for our ‘Books of the Month’ in November for you.  Check out the list below – there’s everything from story of Toyota, to a behind-the-scenes look at McDonald’s battle to do good, and a book about the women who launched some of the most successful brands we know today.  And hot tips on how to find, grow and keep the right people in your organisation.

Plus, insight into achieving business success through disability, and a look at how our assumptions about the world condition us to see these situations as legally different.

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Women Who LaunchWomen Who Launch

by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Mango Media

Biographies of women creators, innovators, and leaders: Women Who Launch is filled with inspiring true stories of women activists, artists, entrepreneurs who launched some of the most famous companies, brands, and organisations today and changed the world.

Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 9781633536951  244 pp. | Orig. Lang: English

World rights available


The Toyota StoryThe TOYOTA Story

by Tsuneyoshi Noji

Nikkei Business

The author of this book spent 7 years conducting interviews and gathering information to unveil the strength of Toyota. His story starts from the founding of the company up to now highlighting the people who have worked in the frontline to support its growth.

Jan. 2018 | ISBN: 9784822257507  408 pp. | Orig. Lang: Japanese

Rights sold in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese


Unleash DifferentUnleash Different: Achieving Business Success Through Disability

by Rich Donovan

ECW Press

Unleash Different illustrates how companies like Google and PepsiCo are attracting people with disabilities as customers and employees. Rich gives the reader a peek into how he rose from a Canadian school for “crippled children” to manage $6 billion for one of Wall Street’s leading firms.

Sept 2018 | ISBN: 9781770414488  272 pp. | Orig. Lang: English

World rights available


The Science of TalentThe Science of Talent

by Kate O’Loughlin

Panoma Press

Should you get rid of appraisals? Should millennials be treated differently? Should you tell people they are ‘talent’ and others that they are not? Kate O’Loughlin looks at what the science tells us about the theories behind these ideas, and what other alternatives there might be.

Jan. 2018 | ISBN: 9781784521257  160 pp. | Orig. Lang: English

World rights available


Capitalism A Crime StoryCapitalism: A Crime Story

by Harry Glasbeek

Between the Lines

A mugger threatens a stranger, an employer threatens a worker. The first is perceived as crime, the latter not. Our assumptions about the world condition us to see these situations as legally different. But what if we insisted on taking the spirit of law, rather than its letter, seriously?

Apr. 2018 | ISBN: 9781771133463  152 pp. | Orig. Lang: English

World rights available


Battle to do GoodThe Battle To Do Good: Inside McDonald’s Sustainability Journey

by Bob Langert

Emerald Publishing

In The Battle to Do Good, former McDonald’s Executive Bob Langert takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the restaurant giant’s decades long battle to do good, tackling tricky societal issues all while feeding 70 million people a day and attending to the bottom line

Jan. 2018 | ISBN: 9781787568167  316 pp. | Orig. Lang: English

World rights available


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