Still recovering from the Christmas holidays?  Already struggling with your New Year’s resolutions?  Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of handy titles to help you plan for the year ahead, and to give you a whole new perspective on 2019.

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Looking for a better diet and lifestyle?

IPR Plant Powered CookingPlant Powered Cooking by Alice Mary Alvrez, Elise Marie Collins

Mango Media

Much more than a cookbook, Alvrez’s Plant Powered Cooking offers readers insight into why we eat the way we do.  Filled with tips, tricks and secrets for a sustainable new lifestyle so readers can go green.

Sept 2017| 136 pp| Orig lang English

ISBN: 9781633536548

World Rights Available


In need of career advice?

Her Way To The Top: The Glass Ceiling Is Thicker Than It Looks by Hira AliIPR Her Way to the Top

Panoma Press

Award-winning Hira Ali examines the myriad of challenges women face on their road to professional success and demonstrates how together they can make a difference for each other.

Feb 2019| 232pp| Orig lang English

ISBN: 9781784521516

World Rights Available


Wanting to help others?

IPR The Mentor's CompanionThe Mentor’s Companion: A Guide to Good Mentoring Practice by Rhianon Washington

University of Wales Press

The Mentor’s Companion clearly explains what mentoring is, what its benefits and uses are, and provides the skills and techniques needed to set up a mentoring scheme and start to mentor.

April 2018|144pp|Orig lang English

ISBN: 9781786831842

World Rights Available


Time to take charge of the dog?

Clicker Training straight to the point by Martin Pietralla, Heinz GrundelIPR Clicker Training

Kynos Verlag

Clicker training is complicated? Not with this entertaining book!  Now starting is easy as Dad, head of a lovable-chaotic dog family, explains to his kids how to communicate with dull humans with the help of a clicker.  

April 2018|112 pp|Orig lang German

ISBN: 9783954641642

World Rights Available, excl German


Inspired to go travelling on your own?

IPR The Solo Travel GuideThe Solo Travel Guide: Just Do It by Dee Maldon

Bookline & Thinker

Do you want to travel, but your friends or family don’t? So why wait? Travelling alone is better than never travelling at all.

In the Solo Travel Guide: Just do it we give you suggestions on how to plan, how to cope when you are at your destination alone, how to stay safe and even some suggestions on where to go.

Jan 2017|95pp|Orig lang English

ISBN: 9780995623514

World Rights Available



The right moment to examine how we should live?

A Year As A Gentleman by Joonas KonstigIPR A Year as a Gentleman


The author, who is used to giving the finger to manners and all other forms of bourgeois bunkum, decides to teach his child to conduct himself with more class. But first he must learn to be a gentleman himself.

Oct 2018|256pp| Orig lang Finnish

ISBN: 9789510422298

Rights info: Bonnier Rights Finland


Always wanted to know more about snails?

IPR Look! The SnailsLook! The Snails by Sasha, He Huiying

Shandong Science Technology Press Co. Ltd.

This is a science picture book for children aged 3 to 9. It introduces the world of snails to children from the aspect of snails’ appearances, forms, habits, breeding and so on. It is also a practical guide for raising snails with lots of interesting notes in it.

June 2016|30pp|Orig lang Chinese

ISBN: 9787533181901

Rights sold in Arabic, Taiwanese and Vietnamese


Nostalgic look back a few decades?

Literature of the 1990s: Endings and Beginnings by Peter MarksIPR Literature of the 1990s

Edinburgh University Press

This book provides a synoptic view of the exuberant and challenging fiction, poetry and drama created in 1990s Britain. Placing literary creativity within a changing cultural and political context that saw the end of Margaret Thatcher and rise of New Labour, it offers fresh interpretations of mainstream and marginal works from all parts of Britain.

Jan 2018|224pp|Orig lang English

ISBN: 9781474411592

World Rights Available


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