By Mette Børja, Communications Advisor, NORLA

About The New Voices Programme

Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA) would like to announce the spring authors taking part in their New Voices programme: Marianne Kaurin, Bår Stenvik, Tore Skeie, Jan Kristoffer Dale and Maria Kjos Fonn. Including this spring’s five authors, a total of five different groups have participated in the New Voices Programme, making the total number of authors 25 in all.

The focus is on the international dimensions of the writing profession and is open for writers from all genres, fiction, non-fiction, and literature for children and young adults.

The programme is not intended to be a writing school; the idea is rather that meeting with a foreign readership will enhance an awareness of and open up new perspectives on the participant’s own vocation as an author. The programme provides insight into the work of translators, gives participants media training, knowledge about international book markets, language practise, practical experience and international contacts.

Senior Adviser in NORLA, Dina Roll-Hansen, is managing the programme.

On the agenda, Spring 2019
During the spring of 2019, the five participating authors will be offered courses and training in Oslo, and also the opportunity to put the training into practice, at various venues. The participants will meet translators, publishers and audiences in cities such as London, Berlin and Leipzig.

New Voices Around the Globe
Norwegian authors participating in the previous four New Voices groups have visited many parts of the world, courtesy of NORLA’s international network: Georgia (Tbilisi), Germany (Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg), Japan (Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto), Mexico (Guadalajara), Romania (Cluj), Russia (Moscow and Krasnoyarsk), Spain (Madrid), Sweden (Gothenburg), the UK (London), Ukraine (Lviv) and USA (New York).

The participating authors have also met with publishers, translators and booksellers taking part in NORLA’s networking activities in Norway (Oslo and Lillehammer).

Meet Spring’s New Voices

Kull 5_bw nytt
(Top to bottom, left to right): Marianne Kaurin (photo: Aschehoug), Jan Kristoffer Dale (photo: Kjersti Sletteskog), Maria Kjos Fonn (photo: Tine Poppe), Tore Skeie (photo: Paw Wegner Gissel) and Bår Stenvik (photo: Paal Audestad)

On March 11th, the Eve of the 2019 London Book Fair, the five Norwegian authors who comprise the Spring’s New Voices take part in a publisher’s seminar at Free Word Centre (60 Farringdon Rd) organised by NORLA in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in London. We are looking forward to introducing Marianne Kaurin, Bår Stenvik, Tore Skeie, Jan Kristoffer Dale and Maria Kjos Fonn!

The five authors will also attend the London Book Fair on Tuesday March 12th.

Interested in the seminar or would you like to meet the authors? Please contact NORLA’s senior adviser, Dina Roll-Hansen

norla_logo_originalAbout NORLA

NORLA – Norwegian Literature Abroad, promotes the export of Norwegian literature through active profiling work and translation subsidies. The organisation disseminates knowledge about Norwegian books and authors abroad, and operations are financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

Norway will be Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year and cultivating new literary voices internationally is an important aim of the project. NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) is in charge of the Guest of Honour project, and their talent development programme, New Voices, is established in collaboration with Talent Norway (Talent Norge) and the Norwegian Publishers Association.

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