By Mareike Miller, Rights and Licenses Manager at IPR License

Technologies that work always have one thing in common, they solve a problem.

Instant Permissions is both simple and solves the fundamental publisher problem of “How do you run your permissions business profitably?”.

Instant Permissions-01IPR launched Instant Permissions in January 2018 to great success and we have already had a good start in 2019. In 2018 IPR’s Instant Permissions completed hundreds of automated deals on behalf of its publishers, generating a steady stream of money for participating members.

Permissions licensing is a perfect area for automation. If the permissions process is not automated this requires the publisher to check the rights, come up with a price and email the permissions seekers back. This is time consuming, often taking months, and is hugely inefficient.

Instant Permissions is the perfect solution to the manual permissions process, allowing a publisher to fully process their permissions in an easy, efficient way. It allows for permissions to move from being a headache to a revenue generation tool. Once you are successfully set up on IPR, you free up time and resources to concentrate on other, more profitable things. Our solution is unique because it is multi-language and brings permissions automation to both an English and German market. It is also quick and easy to implement.

The German launch has been particularly successful, with many large and midsize Mareike Millerpublishers adopting Instant Permissions as their go-to solution. Whilst more than 60% of our permissions are being re-used in a book or ebook, more than 15% are used in journals, newspapers and magazines. In fact, you can license just about any type of reuse through Instant Permissions, including promotional material, theses or dissertations, training and conference materials, blogs, calendars and more. Text is the most frequently re-used asset type accounting for over 50% of all permissions transactions, followed by images and poems.

We are so proud to include the following publishers as our customers, who are already successfully using Instant Permissions: Arena Verlag, Bastei Lübbe, Carl Hanser Verlage, De Gruyter, dtv Verlag, Georg Thieme Verlag, Hogrefe Verlag, Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage and Wochenschau Verlag.

In December of last year, we also welcomed S.Fischer Verlag and Fischer Kinder- und Jugendbuchverlag, part of the prestigious Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, to our platform. Katharina Winter, Legal Counsel and Head of Rights Department S.Fischer Verlag, said: “We want high international visibility for our authors’ works plus further exposure, including the use of single images, quotes and other requests. Furthermore, the system needs to be fast and user-friendly, and the IPR License platform helps us with all these aims, so we are excited to have our titles included on there.”

Since launch the solution has been a great success helping our publishers efficiently generate permissions revenue. We look forward to growing this stable of publishers throughout 2019.

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