In preparation for the London Book Fair last week, we compiled a list of our top Literature & Literary Studies titles currently on the platform.  In case you missed them in our Spring Magazine, we’d like to highlight the following books from Edinburgh University Press, University of Wales Press, Fordham University Press and De Gruyter.

All these titles have rights available to buy.   If you are interested in buying translation rights to any of the books listed below, do please get in touch with us at

Screenshot 2019-03-18 12.07.50Transgender and The Literary Imagination: Changing Gender in Twentieth-Century Writing by Rachel Carroll

Edinburgh University Press

Grounded in feminist scholarship, informed by queer theory and indebted to transgender studies, this book investigates the ways in which transgender identities and histories have been ‘authored by others’, with a focus on literary fiction by British, Irish and American authors, life writing and adaptation for stage and screen.

Sept 2018|288pp|Orig Lang: English ISBN: 9781474414661

World Rights Available


Catalan Culture: Experimentation, creative imagination and the relationship with Screenshot 2019-03-18 12.19.16Spain Edited by Lloyd H. Davies; D. Gareth Walters; John B Hall

University of Wales Press

This is a wide-ranging survey of modern Catalan artistic culture that includes studies on literature, film, theatre and performance art, and which highlights the innovatory aspects of such outputs.

April 2018|240pp|Orig Lang: English ISBN: 9781786832016

World Rights Available

Screenshot 2019-03-18 12.32.11Reoccupy Earth: Notes Toward an Other Beginning by David Wood

Fordham University Press

Habit rules our lives. And yet climate change and the catastrophic future it portends make it clear that we cannot go on like this. In a spirited defense of an enlightened anthropocentrism, Wood argues that to deserve the privileges of reason we must demonstrably deploy it through collective sustainable agency. Only in this way can we reinhabit the Earth.

April 2019|240pp|Orig Lang: English ISBN: 9780823283538

World Rights Available


Fact and Fiction: Elements of a General Theory of Narrative by Albrecht Koschorke, Screenshot 2019-03-18 12.42.46Joel Golb

De Gruyter

This book is based on the assumption that to a large extent, social dynamics is modeled in an aesthetic manner via narratives. It explores the narrative organisation of cultural spaces and time-frames, the mythological shaping of communities and adversaries, and the co-production of narratives and institutions aimed at stabilizing social life.

April 2018| 348pp|Orig Lang: English ISBN: 9783110347081

World Rights Available

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