FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange is an expert and export organisation which supports the translation, printing and publication of literature and promotes Finnish literature abroad. FILI was established in 1977 and is part of the Finnish Literature Society, which was founded in 1831.

What does FILI do?

Screenshot 2019-04-15 10.41.10• it awards over EUR 600,000 in subsidies annually, awarding grants to more than 300 different projects each year

• it maintains a unique database of translations of Finnish literature

• it provides grants to support authors’ visits abroad to promote new titles

• it organises seminars and education for translators of Finnish literature

• it arranges Editors’ Week visits for foreign publishers to Finland

• it takes part in major international professional book fairs.


FILI grants are now open for applications until 1 May

International publishers may apply for FILI grants to translate Finnish, Finland-Swedish FILIand Sámi language literature into other languages.

FILI offers also a printing grant of a maximum of 1,000 euros for children’s picture books and comics and graphic novels.

Nordic publishers have a separate programme to apply for translation grants: Finnish fiction and nonfiction into Nordic languages. Please read through the instructions before applying.

Translation and printing grant programmes have three annual deadlines: 1 February, 1 May and 1 November. Applying is made as simple as possible: all FILI grants are applied via online application forms that open one month prior to the deadline. Successful applicants will be announced on FILI website within a month from the deadline.

Promotional grants also available for accommodation costs.  Publishers and event organisers can apply to FILI for grants to support author travel. Promotional grants are awarded for book launches and author tours. You can apply for grants to cover an author’s travel costs and part of their accommodation costs. Please include your project budget with your application. For more information, see: Promotional grant.

Reader’s report grants provide assistance for report fees. Did you know that FILI awards grants for reader’s reports in addition to sample translations? Foreign publishers can apply for a grant of 100 euros to help pay for a reader’s report on a Finnish book. If necessary, FILI can also help you find a suitable reader to produce a report. For more information, see: Reader’s report grant.

Promotional, sample translation and reader’s report grant applications are also applied online but accepted on a rolling basis.

Have a look at new Finnish selected titles and download FILI grants leaflet:

Find out more about FILI titles, all with rights to buy, on the IPR platform here. Please note all enquiries would be addressed to the publishers and agents directly.