Fiction is always one of our most popular genres on the IPR platform.  So we thought we’d highlight some of our international titles, this week from China, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  All these books have rights available and, if you are a rights buyer and interested in learning more, it’s a simple process to request a free preview sample.

Screenshot 2019-05-22 11.41.11Worst Seller by Bighead Horse

The first story in Bighead Horse’s How to Write a Worstseller tells of an unusual workshop whose participants learn how to curb their sales appeal. This book generates from this story and fictionalises a writing contest with prize of 30 million RMB. The stories touch upon a rich range of topics and display a diverse spectrum of styles, while the author is concealed in the elaborated stories and hidden behind the different writer identities. This collection of stories demonstrates the author’s command of writing novels in different styles and themes.

June 2017| 280pp| Orig Lang Simplified Chinese| ISBN 9787540480974

World Rights Available


When the Land Darkens by Tore KvævenScreenshot 2019-05-22 11.39.33

Winner of the Fiction category of the Brage Prize 2018.

The year is 1293. Arni Vilhjálmsson, a young boy, is rowing out on his first walrus hunt. After the hunt, a girl stands before him. She looks down at the beast he has slain, her eyes full of defiance, and her words full of scorn. Then she turns and runs away from him, without looking back. Her name is Eir.

In the Norsemen’s Western Settlement, on Greenland, a sense of unease has been creeping in. The walrus that gave the settlers their wealth have been retreating. The ships that used to sail from Norway and Iceland to trade there have become few and far between. The Greenlanders’ own vessels are rotting. The people are wondering: is this the end? When the Land Darkens is a dramatic story of destiny, with highly convincing portrayals of people and nature delivered through colourful and powerful language, transporting readers back to Greenland at a fascinating time.

Feb 2018| 450 pp| Orig Lang Norwegian| ISBN 9788252193923

Rights already sold in: Danish


Screenshot 2019-05-22 11.40.23Rueful Revenge by C T Karlsson

The second part of CT Karlsson’s crime trilogy called Falkenberg murders.

A father of two is reported missing to the Falkenberg police, an investigation is initiated and to start with it everything is pointing towards him disappearing voluntarily, that he has left his wife and child of his own free will. Early one Sunday morning, in what looks like an accident, a deceased man is found by the foot of the lighthouse at Morups Tånge. In a sailing boat in the harbour, the owner of Glommen Marina discover something awful and all of a sudden, Chief Inspector Kajsa Rudolfsson and her colleagues have two tragic deaths to investigate.

“The book is easy to read, the author tries to throw the reader off the scent with one red herring after the other, which keeps the reader intrigued and interested. The brutal murders are in sharp contrast to Kajsa’s safe and comfortable family life. Author CT Karlsson really manages to capture the rich essence of the main characters and an idyllic spot in Sweden.” – Swedish Library Association

May 2017| 279 pp| Orig Lang Swedish| ISBN 9789198343878

World Rights Available


Dark Light by Petri KarraScreenshot 2019-05-22 11.26.51

A TV series based on this novel is currently in development.

The son calls. The father answers. The next night, the destruction begins. A new fast-paced psychological thriller about a parent’s love for his son – and the crimes committed to protect him. 

Henrik Valli despises his drug addict son, Niko. They’ve been an unhappy family as long as they can remember. Henrik has done his best to purge Niko from their life. But one night the telephone rings. Niko has made a bigger mess of his life than Henrik ever feared. A father’s love wins out: he has to help his son. It requires a crime. Anna, Henrik’s wife and Niko’s mother, is a police detective, and they have to hide the crime
from her. Bit by bit the whole family enters a nightmare in which everyone’s notions of right and wrong must be re-evaluated. What are you willing to do to protect your child?

May 2019| 400 pp| Orig Lang Finnish| ISBN 9789198343878

World Rights Available


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