IPR License is the first fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace within the publishing industry.

IPR License was founded in 2012, when a gap was identified in the market for a dedicated online platform on which publishing rights-holders could complete domestic and international licensing deals.  In May 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair made a significant investment in IPR License, and in April 2016 it acquired control of the company, with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) keeping its minority stake.

IPR License has 500 members listing their rights online, and a large, international subscriber base of rights buyers. Since IPR License was launched, rights listing have been viewed in 201 countries across 168 languages. Rights buyers can search, offer, negotiate and complete deals for whole book and journal rights, licensing and permissions. Rights sellers can increase sales from their front and backlist, simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

IPR License is constantly developing its technology to ensure that it offers a complete rights solution to support the industry, and to help generate new licensing business for its members.

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